What Type of Garage Door Should I Choose?

A good garage door can provide your home with added security and insulation, not to mention curb appeal. Choosing a high-quality door such as those supplied by Berkshire Garage Doors should mean that it will last you for many years, so it’s important that you choose one you really like! We’re aware that the choice can seem a little overwhelming at times, so here’s our guide to some of the options available.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel remains the most popular material when it comes to garage doors, and it’s easy to see why. It’s an affordable yet robust choice, with the added advantage of being very low maintenance. Our steel garage doors are available in a wide variety of different styles, including roller shutter doors, which are often constructed from a single sheet of metal to provide extra strength and security. You could also opt for a traditional up and over garage door or, if you want to maximise the width of your garage opening, a sectional door. Steel doors often present a clean, efficient look and with so many colours and styles to choose from, they suit just about any home.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are perhaps some of the most attractive available and look sensational in a traditional-style home. Due to the natural material used, they require a little more upkeep than steel doors, but if you’re prepared to take care of them, they’ll certainly repay you in terms of your home’s curb appeal. Our wooden garage doors are available in both up and over and sectional styles, and are usually supplied with a base coat that will allow you to stain the wood exactly as you wish.

GRP Garage Doors

GRP or glass-reinforced polyester doors are incredibly versatile. Available in many different styles, they can be adapted to just about any colour or finish you like. You could even choose a wood grain finish to achieve the look of a timber garage door without the hassle of maintenance! GRP doors require nothing more than the occasional wipe to keep them looking their best, while the strong and durable material means that your door will last for years.

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