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Up and Over Garage Doors are a one-piece garage door that can be made out of Steel, GRP, ABS, or Timber; these offer excellent value for money. They are designed to provide you with maximum safety and security whilst ensuring years of low maintenance, hardwearing service.

Up and Over Garage Doors come with either a fully tracked mechanism or a trackless canopy. The fully tracked door disappears almost completely into the garage when the door is fully opened. A canopy door creates a canopy, which is approximately one third of the garage door's height when opened.

Coverage Includes Bracknell & Slough

We offer a variety of different sizes, including single or double garage doors. Our double garage doors come in all the same styles as the single sizes and we offer garage door installation services.

Get in touch with us to find out which size is best suited for you; we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

When choosing a garage door, there are many options you can choose from. The colour, style and material used in the manufacture. Below is our guide to the material options:

Steel Garage Doors are available in a wide range of attractive styles and combine robust construction to provide excellent value for money. Roller shutter garage doors are often made of a single skin of steel and provide great security and robustness.

GRP (Glass-reinforced Polyester) Garage Doors offer a low maintenance coating to combine with an outstanding finish. With an extensive range of colours and styles to choose from, from gloss white to authentic wood grain finish GRP garage doors offer a low maintenance product with only the occasional wipe down to retain their quality finish.

Wooden Garage Doors take advantage of the warmth and beauty of real wood. Most of our wooden garage doors are supplied with a base coat suitable for final staining to your own individual requirements. As with any natural material, timber garage doors will require regular care and attention to maximise their looks and lifespan.

Single & Double Garage Doors Offered In A Variety Of Styles

We have a large variety of garage doors availble and we deliver to a wide area in and around Berkshire, including Reading, Bracknell and Slough.

Take a look at some of the garage door styles we have available below.

Up and Over Garage Doors Style 1 Up and Over Garage Doors Style 2
Up and Over Garage Doors Style 3 Up and Over Garage Doors Style 4
Up and Over Garage Doors Style 5 Up and Over Garage Doors Style 6
Up and Over Garage Doors Style 7 Up and Over Garage Doors Style 8
Up and Over Garage Doors Style 9 Up and Over Garage Doors Style 10
Up and Over Garage Doors Style 11

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