Differences Between the Styles of Garage Doors

Differences Between the Styles of Garage Doors

There are many different styles of garage doors available from Berkshire Garage Doors and it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. There are differences between all of them that make some more suitable for specific requirements. Therefore, it is handy to know exactly what these differences are to know which one will be best for you.


If you are lacking in space then a roller garage door would be a great solution for you. Compared to many other garage doors, the roller style does not roll outwards so you will have more space. It works by rolling back and comes in a variety of colours so that we can match it perfectly to the style of your house. These can also be adapted to be automatic so if you have any back or shoulder problems this would be a perfect adaptation.

Up and Over

As a one panel door, this style is available in a variety of materials and colours and can be a classic design or a modern finish. They are one of the best kinds of garage doors for security so if you have anything valuable stored in your garage or often park your car in there, these would be a great investment. This style is designed to come outwards before being pushed back into the garage using a full tracked mechanism or a trackless canopy.


A sectional garage door works as an in between of both the roller and up and over styles. These are also available in materials such as wood, steel and GRP so you can choose a type depending on your desired look. If you own a large vehicle and need to keep the head room space within your garage, this will be the best option for you as they are able to maximise the space available.

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