How To Choose The Best Garage Door Material?

Garage doors provide safety to your vehicles, home and belongings. It is important to find a material that is safe but also looks appealing on the exterior. With so many material options on the market, it can be difficult to select the best one, especially as they all have their pros and cons, so in this post, we weigh up some of the most popular options.


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Steel is an extremely popular option since it is reasonably priced, durable, low maintenance and is available in many styles and colours too. However, despite its benefits, it does have its downfalls. Unlike other materials, steel garage doors aren’t very good insulators. Investing in some kind of insulation would be a great option especially if you are using your garage for other purposes and not just for a car, to ensure you get some warmth as well as some soundproofing.

Another thing to consider is the thickness of your door as steel doors will vary in thickness. Lower cost doors may be thinner which makes them less resistant to impact meaning when a ball hits it or someone tries to break-in, it will be easier to do damage. However, spending that extra bit of money to get a thicker door should help out with this issue.


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Aluminium doors are fairly similar to steel and share all of the beneficial qualities. The difference is that this material is usually less expensive but also lighter meaning that it is more likely to dent. However, aluminium also gives you the option of a faux wood finish which is great, especially for the cheap price tag.


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This is the first material that was used on garage doors and still continues to be an excellent option to this day. The cheapest wooden door option is painted wood with flat hardboard panels. Stained grade wood doors will cost a bit more but offer warmth and are often more aesthetically pleasing to the exterior of your home.  The downside to wood is that it does require more regular maintenance than steel and aluminium.

Wood Composite

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These are made from recycled wood fibres but are just as strong as steel doors whilst still looking like wood. These are easier to look after than solid wood as they won’t split or rot, as well as this, they can also be painted and stained.


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These are not a very common option but it may be seen more near the coast. This is because fibreglass possesses anti saltwater corrosion properties, whilst still offering greater resistance to dents than materials such as steel. However, this material is a poor insulator so if you want to use the garage as an actual room, it might not be the best option.

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